Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's the economy (September 19, 2009)

The G20 puts regulations to the top of their agenda, Dell sweetens the EU pot for the Irish and looking to spin some good news out of Alberta's tar sands, some of the highlights of the financial news for a Saturday.

Globe and Mail-- Financial regulation rises to top of G20 agenda
Globe and Mail-- Ontario pushes for review of Nortel unit's sale
Globe and Mail-- The minnow in the shark tank
National Post-- Oil sands need positive spin
National Post-- Worry-free plan:Gold, bonds and cash
Victoria Times Colonist-- Harmonized sales tax: B.C. industries hope for tax cushion
New York Times-- EU Brings Dell Aid to Ireland Before Vote
New York Times-- Detroit’s Mr. Fix-It Takes on Saturn
New York Times-- Can Amazon Be Wal-Mart Of the Web?
New York Times-- Is the Recent Rally Irrational Exuberance?
Times online UK-- Public debt hits £800 billion - the highest on record
Times online UK-- Approvals for new home loans advance steadily but overall lending is still ‘weak’
Times online UK-- Why is government debt rising so quickly and who is lending the money?
Telegraph online UK-- Why the jobs crisis isn't a disaster - yet
Telegraph online UK-- Row over Labour's 'secret tax bombshell'
Telegraph online UK-- Paul Reichmann gives up Canary Wharf stake
Guardian UK-- In pursuit of the greatest happiness
Guardian UK-- Russia may ease foreign access to energy projects
The Scotsman-- Higher costs show hard times still here for small firms
The Scotsman-- Shake-up as Cala closes on bank deal amid £266m loss
Sydney Morning Herald-- We need to ask how it came so unstuck
Sydney Morning Herald-- Fairfax directors and investors take sides
Sydney Morning Herald-- The Telstra ultimatum, or how to embrace the 21st century
People's Daily on line-- China banking regulator urges banks to strengthen risk management
People's Daily on line-- China's SOE revenues down 3.5 pct in 1st 8 months

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