Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's the economy (September 20, 2009)

The G20 prepare to talk recovery, India prepares for their GST launch and Newspapers continue to struggle with a declining advertising base, some of the items of note for our Financial view on a Sunday.

Globe and Mail-- Early signs of recovery hang in balance
Globe and Mail-- Reichmann's Canary Wharf shares changing hands, sources say
Globe and Mail-- Magna cuts spark strike threats in Spain
National Post-- Michael Moore leaves the free market standing
National Post-- What have consumers done for the Canadian economy lately?
New York Times-- Newspapers Have Not Hit Bottom, Analysts Say
New York Times-- Once Slave to Luxury, Japan Catches Thrift Bug
New York Times-- Amnesty Deadline Extended for Offshore Account Holders
Times online UK-- Alistair Darling’s plea to bank bosses: cut bonuses
Times online UK-- Rolls-Royce fighting to stop Barack Obama axing $50bn fighter deal
Times online UK-- Price Waterhouse Coopers predicts big government spending cuts
Telegraph online UK-- HSBC bids farewell to dollar supremacy
Telegraph online UK-- Business can play a role in education, says World Bank boss
Telegraph online UK-- G20 leaders must keep in mind the dangers of the protection racket
Guardian UK-- Lost City jobs punch hole in in London's tube budget
Guardian UK-- Jobless figures show demise of the slump may be exaggerated
Guardian UK-- British firms must find hundreds of millions for bosses' pensions
The Scotsman-- RBS considers cash call
The Scotsman-- G20 leaders at sea in the Wonderland of bonuses
Sydney Morning Herald-- Bargains aplenty amid warning against victory call
People's Daily on line-- China's installed capacity of hydropower to hit 300 mln kw in 2020
People's Daily on line-- China's 8% goal difficult but achievable: economist
The Times of India-- India to become $8bn drugs market for MNCs by 2015: Report
The Times of India-- States to meet FM to finalise GST list

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