Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's the economy (September 12, 2009)

The economic recovery finds traction in the emerging markets, China worries about proetectionism and a look at Canada's 1 trillion dollar debt, some of the items of note on the financial pages for September 12.

Globe and Mail-- Opel's rags won't wipe out Stronach's riches
Globe and Mail-- Emerging economies pace recovery
Globe and Mail-- Fight looms over state aid to Magna-led Opel
National Post-- Canada's $1-trillion debt baby
Vancouver Sun-- Seattle Sounders strike the right note with fans
Vancouver Sun-- AC Jazz maintenance workers ratify contract
New York Times-- Tales From Lehman’s Crypt
New York Times-- Big Spenders? They Wish
Times on line UK-- Unison pensions veiled in hypocrisy
Telegraph online UK-- Using private equity to prevent 'rioting in the streets'
Telegraph online UK-- Bank's code of omerta broken
Guardian UK-- Nationwide 7.7% loan demands more than perfection
Sydney Morning Herald-- Renovators, investors drive property market
Sydney Morning Herald-- The lessons we should learn
People's Daily on line-- China strongly opposes U.S. protectionist tariffs on tires from China
People's Daily on line-- How bad is the U.S. deficit really?
People's Daily on line-- China's economic stimulus measures win global applauses

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