Sunday, January 18, 2004

Yep, that was the Super Bowl!

Well, the games both stunk, but the one I figured would be a fine example of football, wasn't. The Colts and Patriots game was pretty well all Patriots. Tom Brady was in control of this one right from the start, Peyton Manning who looked so strong the last four games looked terrible today. He could never get into a rhythm, his receivers were dropping balls, when they weren't running the wrong pass patterns and the defence couldn't hold the Patriot attack. While the Colts stayed within striking distance until the fourth quarter, the game really was over by the half. The Patriots dominated the Colts throughout the game. And then there were the interceptions, Manning who until today was riding a retty good wave, met his match. Tyler Law made three interceptions off of Manning, it was as if he had a copy of the playbook as he was always in the right place at the right time. Add to the mix a Patriots defence that rushed, sacked and dominated the Colts and you get the picture. The Patriots look like a team that is going to win the actual Super Bowl game in two weeks. They looked very strong and confident and were full value for their win.

They'll play the Carolina Panthers who defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, the Eagles were terrible, they too had receivers that didn't seem capable of running a simple pass pattern, Donovan McNabb spent too much time on his back wondering if his ribs would ever relocate to their proper spots. In fact he ended up out of the game by the fourth by taking one hit too many. Don't know much about the Panthers, but today they were far and away the best team on the field. This will be their first appearance in the Super Bowl, so they'll just be happy to be there. I can't see them being as dominant against the Patriots, actually I think the Patriots will make short work of them in two weeks.

So in a way I was right about today being the Super Bowl, for one thing the Patriots beat the only team that seemed to be equal to them, and the game itself was lousy just like most Super Bowls. We'll be treated now to two weeks of hype for a game that may be a complete blow out. There is one bright spot about two Sundays from now, Super Bowl Sunday is one of those days that the advertising agencies love. They have a huge audience for commercials that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce, it's the capitalist system run amok dressed up as a football game. And sadly, the commercials will probably be far more entertaining than the actual game

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