Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Primary Day for the Democrats in New Hampshire, and for many of the contenders it could be the night that is their swan song from politics. While John Kerry and Howard Dean seem to have put their campaigns back on track, the rest of the Democrats are struggling to remain relevant to the Democratic landscape. One who desperately needs at least a third place finish tonight is Joe Lieberman, a candidate who has been holding a rather low profile thus far. He needs to get his name back into print and on the air, countering the perceived front running status of Kerry and Dean. A loss tonight could very well put the former Vice-Presidential candidate off the radar.

Lieberman who had his campaign stumble when Al Gore chose not to endorse him for President, is hoping that New Hampshire will give his campaign a boost and thus help bring in more campaign funds. Trying to keep the interest up is a hard slog, but Lieberman is doing his best, going so far to say that he senses a wave of JoeMentum. Many pundits sense that the Joementum is rather limited, but hope springs eternal. Lieberman is claiming that the McCainiacs, Independent voters, that are choosing to vote in the Democratic primary are all for him, as are the undecided. Other Democrats are saying that it's a rather desperate move to point out that quasi Republican voters are all for you, could scare off the real democrats that you need.

Another candidate hoping to show his stuff is retired General Wesley Clark, who is hoping that New Hampshire will launch his bid for the nomination. Clark who has had a rather rough eight days, has to counter some rather questionable comments of late and a sense of a campaign sputtering.

The remainder of the field aren't really expected to last the length of the race, as the voters go to the polls it's not expected that Al Sharpton, Dennis Kuchinich and John Edwards will gain much support and will be hard pressed to hang on for next Tuesdays primaries, where voters in seven states get to make their selections. By midnight tonight, Dick Gephardt could have some company on the political sidelines.

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