Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Super Bowl is Today

Yes I know your TV Guide won't be telling you this and Jim, Dan, Deoin and Boomer will probably not share this with you. But for all intents and purposes the Super Bowl takes place today starting at 12 noon (pacific) at Foxboro, Mass. This afternoon the Colts and Patriots will take to the field in what should be an exciting display of football talent. And with apologies to the Panthers and Eagles who also take to the field today, the AFC Championship is THE GAME. Two evenly matched teams with almost identical records. In fact it was only a loss to New England earlier in the season that has sent Indy to New England.

Quarterbacks who are at the top of their game right now, receivers that can change a game with just one catch. Defenses that are ready to prove they aren't the poor cousins of their offensive team mates. This game should have it all. The Patriots have given up only 82 points in their last nine games, Peyton Manning will want to change that ability to shut things down. He's been so hot the last four weeks that he just might make this a game to remember. Tom Brady has been waiting an entire season to get the Patriots back to this final stage of the season, the loss last year to the Raiders still sticks in his craw. So look for him to have a terrific game as well.

And don't forget the kicking game, Canadian born Mike Vanderjagt does the kicking for the Colts, he has been pretty amazing all season long, but he will have to keep that streak going and be there if needed. Last year he ended the season on a low note when he and Peyton Manning traded hostilities through the media, at one point Manning called Vanderjagt an idiot placekicker. If the game is on the line and it's 3 pts needed for the win, Vanderjagt better make sure that his foot hits the ball just right, otherwise idiot kicker will be a compliment.

If you can only watch one game today, make your non football plans for later tonight. Colts and Pats the REAL DEAL is at Noon, the Eagles and Panthers are later at 3. And the Super Bowl, well officially it's coming up in two weeks, but in reality, it should be over and in the books by 3 pm today...

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