Friday, January 23, 2004

Belinda's voice

Well as the peek a boo campaign continues, it might be helpful to actually hear the woman speak in her own voice. Belinda Stronach began her march to the leadership of the Conservative Party this week under a glare of media attention, occasionally ducking some of the more controversial questions offered up to her. Sometimes she managed to avoid the media beast completely, much to the chagrin of those who would formulate opinion.

So as she travelled across the country on her journey, journalists and broadcasters weighed in with their opinions on how they thought she was doing. Many were quite blunt with their assessment of her abilities, her credibility, her background and the message she was delivering.

She began her limited media engagements in Winnipeg on the Charles Adler show, here are some highlights from the show as provided by the CJOB website. And since the media events seem to be scaled down of late, this may be one of our few chances to actually hear her speak and form our own opinion.

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