Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Prime Minister Martin shouts out to his new pal Jack Layton!

I can only guess the following is about to be drafted from the PMO's office to the leader of the NDP, cause a good deed should not go unrewarded. KP

The Office of the Prime Minister
Langevin Block
Ottawa, Ontario

January 14, 2004.

Dear Jack:

Jack ole buddy, can't thank you enough. Was watching CTV Newsnet tonight, just after I got back from patching things up with that great guy George and what did I see but you're going to offer me some personnel help.

I mean asking Sheila (not my Sheila but that other Sheila) to saddle up with your fellow travellers in the socialist movement just made my day.

She's continually turning down my employment options, so I can only hope she accepts your invitation. Should she accept your kind offer it certainly will take that stone out of my shoe so to speak, as it opens up a spot for that hard working Tony Valeri to run in the Hamilton-East Stoney Creek riding.

Gosh Gee, Jack thanks, you know I just can't help but think how lucky I am. I'm not in place more than a month and already that great guy Scott Brison has joined my team in the Atlantic provinces, which will be quite helpful whenever I get around to going to the voters.

And today, that great medical practitioner in Victoria Dr. Keith Martin (he he, hey we have the same last name, but there's only one MARTIN in power eh Jack!) has decided to leave the new Conservatives and sit as an Independent and he might even join our party in time for the election.

What a banner day, I can't help but feel things are going great; George likes me, Scott likes me, Keith likes me and now you Jack, you really, really like me.

I knew all those digs about my boats and my friends were just smoke, gotta keep up appearances hey Jack! And having Svend out there calling me a Conservative in Liberal's clothing that can't help but get me some more votes out West. Boy I can feel the love all over, tis a great time to be a Liberal.

Again, Thanks for everything Jack, you guys are great! Come on over to the house sometime, 24 Sussex, not the Big one (you're not elected yet you know, so you can't come into the big one yet) Sheila (not the one your thinking of) and I would love to have you over for a taco or two and some Coronas (got a great deal on some Mexican food and beer from Vicente while in Monterrey)

Take Care

PM, the PM..

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