Monday, January 26, 2004

Dennis Miller Rants Again!

This should be enough to send Al Franken into intensive care and Michael Moore across the border to Canada. Dennis Miller is back on nightly television. Tonight he debuts his new effort for CNBC, which has offered him the 9PM (6PM Pacific) slot Monday thru Thursdays. It's their hope that Millers' brand of caustic humour will attract those folks tired of Larry King's celebrity love ins and themed shows.

Liberals should be forewarned though, it may be a rough ride that they face should they tune in. Miller has developed a rather Conservative streak in the last few years. Look for him to send many a Democrat off to their thesaurus, to find out just what it was they were called.

As a mater of fact his opening week line up of guests is pure right wing, California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the first guest tonight. Followed by John McCain and Rudy Giuliani as the week progresses.

Miller was in fine form as he appeared at a launch event for CNBC, giving his take on the network news and those that deliver it. Don't expect Peter Jennings to be showing up any time soon, as a matter of fact he probably has a better chance of being the emcee at a Toby Keith concert than he does of guesting on the show.

A brave new world in ranting begins tonight, listen carefully or you might miss something. And like reading a Reader's Digest, you'll be able to improve your vocabulary while you watch.

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