Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Five reasons Belinda Stronach would make a better leader of the Conservative Party

Belinda Stronach is apparently about to throw her hat (no doubt a fashionable chapeau from Holt Renfrew) into the ring, and seek the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. KP

Five reasons why she would be the best choice.

1. She'll be able to finance Government expenditures from the Magna petty cash drawer.

2. She'll make sure that all Canadians receive that pesky missing car part promptly.

3. She's good friends with Bill Clinton and can count on him for ah, uhm, er, advice.

4. She probably knows that the Niagara River flows northward. (assuming she received her grade 12)

5. She will be a far sight better looking on a jet ski than some other politician!

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