Tuesday, January 20, 2004

A tale of two websites

With the launch of Belinda Stronach's campaign there will no doubt be quite a bit of interest in her beliefs, her vision, her history and such. And of course by using the internet she'll be able to get her message across.

There will also be a benefit well beyond the world of politics, for there are two Belinda websites out there. One is the website for our newly minted candidate, the other a website for a young lady who wants to share her passions, visions and visuals with us, not to mention take some of our money.

Fat fingered web searchers are going to stumble across the other Belinda some time. So as a public service here are links to both Belinda's, you cast your vote as you will.

Be forewarned, the links on Belinda.com lead nowhere, Belinda.ca sure must hope that is not a trend!

Belinda.ca or Belinda.com. The choice is yours!

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