Tuesday, January 20, 2004

It's Belindamania!

Ah there it is, she's gone and done it! Belinda Stronach has joined the foul smelling OLD men of politics! She announced today that she too is a candidate for the Conservative party, and with a snazzy looking website she's ready to roll. She's looking for help from the young and the Young at heart. The website has an issues section, an about Belinda section and of course a photo section. It even features a parallel French website, though since she doesn't speak French not sure how that's going to work out.

Credit Stephen Harper for at least putting all the Belindamania into perspective, as he said "well she certainly has more money than me", yep that's true.

And Paul Martin said only nice things about her entry into politics, advising us that she'll bring some interesting ideas into the race.

Jack Layton said nothing today, possibly a first! Then again maybe he's waiting for a couple of days to pass, before he invites her to cross over to the NDP as well.

Her website has three buttons you can select, you can join and vote for Belinda, you can recruit supporters for Belinda or you can donate to the Belinda campaign. I dunno, me thinks the third button won't get that much of a work out.

At any rate, she's on the road today heading to Winnipeg for public appearances and a radio interview tomorrow morning on CJOB. Then it's off to Vancouver, where she'll avoid the likes of Rafe Mair and Peter Warren by appearing on that well known talk radio hotbed JACKFM.

We can all follow her progress on the road by keeping her blog close to our links list..

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