Thursday, January 22, 2004

Mother's lock up your sons, JLo is on the loose!

Ah, those star crossed lovers Ben Affleck and J Lo just couldn't make it go. So with a lot less fanfare than the relationship exhibited at it's zenith, they are kaput. No more Bennifer, no more mad media chases through backward southern burbs to see if they took out a marriage or a gun license. No breathless updates on ET about the latest twist in the love cycle.

Alas, the celebrity chase will move on to other targets. Michael, Brittney, Kobe the stage is all yours. Ben and Jen will go and lick their wounds and become stronger for their pairing. Lessons no doubt will have been learned from the volatile relationship. Never again will they be featured together on People, US, Entertainment Weekly and the unsavoury tabloids. Ben can visit strip joints without concern, J Lo can look for solace in old friends, perhaps P Diddy can send her some clothes to soothe her shattered heart.

Regardless they can now get on with their careers, such as they were. With a fine effort like Gigli as your definitive piece, it's going to be a hard field to plow. But if all else fails there's always the reality shows, how about one where two old flames get back together to rekindle the passion. Whoa I can see the planning meeting at FOX right now.... Get me rewrite. Call the agents, lets get this party started..

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