Thursday, January 15, 2004

Sheila, Exit stage left, VERY LEFT!

Yikes, I thought Don Newman was going to toss her a box of Kleenex through the TV today. Sheila with that lump in her throat, the misty eyes, her hoarse voice, bemoaning the fate that the evil Blue Paulies are inflicting upon her.

My how she forgets the barbs she tossed at Brian Mulroney over the years (not that there was anything wrong with that) , the battles and outrage with John Crosbie. Her shrill performances while a member of the Rat Pack!

How as a Cabinet Minister she lived the life of a Sultan's handmaiden for years jetting (first class) to France, to Germany to wherever her little heart took her. Her many costly endeavours at Heritage. Now sniff, sniff, she's feeling unwanted. Blaming the backroom boys and their evil ways.

Exactly what will it take for her to figure out that uh, you're not wanted anymore. You've had a nice run, now go away. She probably represented Hamilton in fine style, and did contribute to Canadian public life. But all good things must come to an end, or so we would believe.

I dunno, does smilin' Jack know what he's doing? Other than the short burst of press he's received with "the offer" and the shorter burst he'll get should she actually cross the floor, I'm not sure this is a fate that even the travellers of socialism deserve .

Regardless the battle is not over yet, the forces of Sheila are gathering to collect their ammunition.

Oh well, if nothing else it's good theatre, and that's what Newsworld Politics was today, just amazing theatre. Worthy of Lady Macbeth... Guess the Chretien era isn't gone just yet eh, we have his first lady of pain to carry his torch a little longer.

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