Saturday, January 10, 2004

Why Podunk, and what will it be?

Welcome to Podunk, the title is actually quite simple. It comes from a frustrated traveller from Georgia, who found himself held hostage so to speak in the middle of an international dispute. Our vacationer merely wanted to get on with his travels, but at the time in the summer of 1997, a nasty dispute was raging between harvesters of the sea from Podunk and those from across the line. His chosen mode of transportation found itself behind a blockade or picket line (depends on who you talk to) and he was going nowhere . Finally in a fit of frustration our traveller, a university professor if memory serves correct uttered those immortal words; "I just want to get out of this Podunk town" and thus a description was born. You'll be glad to know the professor was indeed on his way a day later, but with his voice he forever commemorated our little corner of the world. And so we welcome you to a "TOWN CALLED PODUNK".

And with that, close to seven years later we have this blog. As time marches on I'll add some links to the various categories, some of the posts will actually pertain to our little town called Podunk, but others will be on a more universal scale. You just never know what you will find. It will feature the usual suspects of Newslinks, Sportslinks, Columnists and such. And in some of the links you'll find things like; the CD I wouldn't mind getting stuck in the car player, the DVD I managed to watch AND stay awake for, or whatever book I'm currently trying to slog my way through.

Some of the more interesting radio stations I've found are listed and in Wishful Thinking you'll find a link of the day so to speak, not a clue as to what will be there from day to day. There will be links to other bloggers I may know or ones I have read and think are worth passing along . And of course a contact link so you can tell me how lame my opinion is, or how you believe I'm an undiscovered raconteur of substance, totally your choice.

So let your journey to Podunk begin. I hope you enjoy the stay, at least a little more than our former friend from Georgia..

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Anonymous said...

The term Podunk is not of the 21st Century. I am not sure of the provenance but I recall my mother referring to a town as Podunk some 50 years ago. A backwater burg or one, no matter the size, whose residents kept that provincial eurewe mindset...