Friday, January 09, 2004


Welcome to my attempt to communicate in a coherent fashion. This may or may not be a successful endeavor, but hope springs eternal. As I progress along the blogging universe I'll let loose with whatever pops into my head. Hopefully things will be a little more tangible than "has anyone seen the clicker?" or "is there beer in the fridge?" I suspect my postings will not become overly controversial, just not my nature. But I'll share my ideas on life, liberty and the pursuit of proper English. The latter may be more of a struggle than the former. At any rate, there will be an e mail address (which will spare my family from any flaming diatribes) for feed back, so If I have contributed something that makes you say "Uh, what did he write", you can vent there. That is assuming that anyone actually bothers to reply to my mindless wanderings. Enjoy. KP

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