Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Well for Joe Lieberman, Tuesday night in the Hampshires was not a great night out. Lieberman finished fifth out six candidates on the ballot (Rev. Sharpton did not register above 0 this Tuesday night) with only 9% of the vote, a not so subtle sign that his candidacy is going nowhere fast. For if the most republican like of Democrats cannot attract votes in the fiercely independent state of New Hampshire, then exactly where can he.

For the second week in a row it was the John Kerry show, as his campaign message hit a cord with 39% of the primary voters. Howard Dean, governor of neighbouring Vermont finished second with 26%, General Wesley Clark kept his campaign at least on the radar with a third place tie with John Edwards at 12%, Dennis Kucinich brought up the rear with 1%. And for the record Rev. Sharpton attracted 342 votes which comes to just a smidgeon more than 0%.

The results tonight show a trend of this becoming a two man race, with Kerry and Dean most likely trading off primaries through the winter and spring. If Gen. Clark can get his message out of the drift it's in at the moment he might yet get a shot, but as each day goes by he appears to be moving more and more to the fringe.

What will be interesting is what Edwards will eventually do, he's not likely going to be the nominee, but he could start angling his name in for a Vice-Presidential spot. What we could end up with is a Kerry/Edwards ticket, which would appeal to many Democrats as it would cover both northern and southern Democrats. It's doubtful that Kerry will be inclined to take on either Dean or Clark as a VP candidate, so Edwards makes the most sense.

On the other side we could end up with a Dean/Clark partnership which would give the term "angry white guys" a whole new look. Both of the candidates have seemed to need some anger management assistance in the last couple of weeks, and the visage of two ranting and raging guys may not play well in the long term. The other problem there as well is; which guy is going to be the Presidential candidate, both Dean and Clark are not missing in the ego department, thus it could end up that the Democrats employ a WWE cage match finale to pick the Presidential candidate.

For Kucinich and Sharpton it's nice to have met you now get off the stage. Next Tuesday features seven primaries, by the time the networks sign off in one weeks time, we should have a very good idea how the Democrats are lining up. And right now the line forms to the back of John Kerry.

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