Monday, January 19, 2004

Satire! Wherefore art thou oh Satire.

With the exception of a couple of television shows on the CBC and Frank magazine, one worries about the state of satire in Canada. A brief search for political satire sites in Canada came up with some thin gruel to munch on. Many of the sites found, just weren't funny at all, in fact some were just a waste of surfing time.

A few of the sites I found seem to be tit for tat reprisals of the NDP and Liberal parties, who seem to be taking the internet wars personally. It all started with the NDP's flyourflag website, a rather quaint little reminder to Canadians that Paul Martin is a rather rich fellow, who occasionally found ways to reduce his past corporate tax levels.

There was the Paul Martin Times which was a rebuttal to the actual Liberal website about Paul Martin, it would seem to be the conservative counterpoint to the Martin Camps brave new world revelations and aspirations.

Needless to say it seems that being the governing party makes you more of a target. But not to be outdone the Liberal backroom boys and girls have crafted their own little tribute to creative license, a page that explores the many facets of Jack Layton of the NDP. Say Anything.....Jack takes on Layton's acerbic points about the Prime Minister. Its apparently a new arrival on the satire scene, so it's a tad underwhelming. It should be interesting to see how this site takes on Layton's affection for left leaning Liberals. His current attempts to lure them to the socialist bosom surely won't go unrecognized!

There are a few sites dedicated to the Bloc Quebecois, but they're in French. This of course poses a problem for me as my ancient high school French is a tad rusty, I really can't tell if they're spoofing the Blocheads or celebrating them. Perhaps with a little time I'll be able to determine the difference, but by then the party may be extinct and beyond relevance.

Left in the dust in all of this satirical splendor is the poor old Conservative Party. While totally unscientific, I spent fourty minutes searching variations of anti-Conservative possibilities. Harper stinks, Torywatch, DeadTories, nary a current hit came back. Lots of dead sites no longer visited or maintained (much like the various parties of the past I guess). There are quite a few anti-tributes to Stockwell Day and Preston Manning, none of which are really satire. But the current batch of Right leaning politicians are all below the satirical radar.

This can not be a good sign for the newly minted creation known as the Conservative Parry. If you're not worthy of being made fun of, are you worthy of being voted for? One suspects that with Belinda Stronach about to reach for the Conservative crown that the satirical value will increase, at least we hope so.

If you know of some other politically oriented satire sites let me know at the ContactPodunk link on the right ( right side of the blogsite that is). I would like to think that our political elites are not going to get a free ride.

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