Friday, January 23, 2004

Follow the Money

Another weekend comes and yet more turbulence for BC politics. Earlier today the Liberal Cabinet Minister for Children and Families tendered his resignation, following an internal audit. Gordon Hogg said he was resigning so as to "ensure public confidence in his office." He steps aside as an independent audit is launched into the financial dealings in his ministry. The resignation is yet another embarrassing announcement to come from the legislature of late, with many political observers wondering what's next in Gordo land.

Rumblings of a cabinet shuffle, as early as Monday are making the rounds, as Captain Gordon tries to get his boat back on a smoother course. But this latest situation should provide even more grist for the rumour mill. The ongoing investigation into the Doug Walls situation was the prompt for today's resignation, Walls resigned earlier this week, amidst questions about his former business interests in Prince George. What appeared to be a low threat to the government a week ago, now has claimed a cabinet minister. Is it any wonder that people are wondering just what is going on in Victoria.

While this drama was playing out at the Legislature, the courts were also busy. Lawyers for the two Liberal ministerial aides currently the subject in a police investigation were earning their pay. Arguments were presented, that the search warrants used in the highly public raid on the legislature last month, should remain sealed. So far the lawyers have been full value for their billing hours, as the warrants remain sealed. That decision is bad news for the Federal Liberal party though,as their lawyers were trying to get the warrants unsealed promptly. The Feds are afraid that all this suspicion will dog them through the Spring and a possible Federal Election.

For the Premier it's another week in January he probably would just as soon forget. Unfortunately for him weeks are starting to turn into months. One wonders how long will his caucus remain united under such heavy scrutiny, as the government continues to live in the glare of a media spotlight?

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