Monday, January 26, 2004

A George that has a thought!

Well since I've promoted a comedian on the right wing of the spectrum, guess in the spirit of fairness it's time to showcase one from the left. Found an interesting snapshot of how George Carlin is doing these days, and it makes for an interesting read on how the US (and to a degree, but not quite as much, Canada) has changed over the last twenty years. How democracy is being played with to suit the powers to be and how that is a danger. How our cult of consumerism is running counter productive to what really should matter. Carlin has been a pretty solid barometer of what's current in the States for years, and he's still a vital force for observing our ways as he's into his mid-sixties. It's worth a read, though it's too bad there wasn't more to the article, he has some valid points that should be put out there for us.

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