Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Your land line is almost a museum piece

Your home phone, once the mainstay of our communication needs and our lifeline to the outside world, is quickly becoming the orphan of communication devices, quietly resting on a favourite table or tethered to a wall, rarely engaged and for the most part all but forgotten in today's rush for electronic devices.

Wired magazine provides the preamble to the home phone's obituary with an article which outlines the changing shift in communication, an era where instantaneous status updates on social networking, text messaging and cel phones have changed the dynamic of how we keep up to date with each other.

An era where we are moving on from the times of cauliflower ears and towards a time when carpal tunnel syndrome may be the new affliction for those that are socially engaged.

You can review the full article from the Wired website here.

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