Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Some dysfunction with Kitimat's civic governance functions

The neighbours are having a wee bit of trouble getting along these days it seems, as Kitimat's city council takes on some of the trappings of a UFC grudge match.

Things started to go off the rails for our eastern neighbours in late July when council there found that not enough councillors were available to form a quorum for the evenings debate and agenda items of civic business, but alas that was but the preamble for what was to come.

And while summer is the most likely culprit for the poor attendance of July, perhaps some of Kitimat's local elected leaders are finding that the tone of commentary in the city is getting a little too heated and maybe worth an absence or two.

CFTK TV has since been following some of the dysfunction of that debate in the city, as one councillor, Gerd Gottschling has suggested that Kitimat Mayor Joanne Monaghan is incompetent.  Gottschling continued on during the Tuesday session to find fault with her abilities to provide leadership and bring unity and vision to the council chamber.

The Mayor's recent appearance in some Enbridge pipeline related material apparently brought the latest accusations to the forefront of the debate, making for a raucous session of council on Tuesday.

The Mayor chose not to respond to those accusations during the council session, but did add her thoughts to the debate through CFTK on Wednesday.

As the city's economy has continued to suffer a number of blows over the last few years, the tone of debate there seems to have become rather heated, with acrimony at times the most prevalent of debate styles in place.

CFTK provided the latest developments with a report for the evening news.

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