Monday, August 02, 2010

It's the economy (Long Weekend Edition, July 31-August 2, 2010)

Wheat suers up, more trouble on the horizon for BP and the forgotten poor, some of the items of interest from the financials.

Globe and Mail-- BP hopes to plug well, then turn focus to the corporate calamity
Globe and Mail-- Wheat surges to 22-month high
Globe and Mail-- Lagging productivity holding euro’s Olive Belt back
National Post-- Russian drought sends wheat soaring
National Post-- SEC probes BP as it is poised to 'kill' Gulf well
National Post-- Bernanke says economy still short of full recovery
Vancouver Sun-- Alaska Airlines to offer daily flights from Bellingham to Honolulu
New York Times-- Defining Prosperity Down
New York Times-- Some Directors Say 3-D Is One Dimension Too Many
New York Times-- In South Africa, a Push for Industrial Growth
USA Today-- Golf clubs suffer in recession as membership dwindles
USA Today-- Once again, Escalade is No. 1 in the car-theft department
Guardian UK online-- Bank profits surge and send markets soaring
Guardian UK online-- China is too big to fail
Guardian UK online-- HSBC rejects bid to force lending as profits soar
The Independent-- Major final salary pension funds see deficits fall by a quarter
The Independent-- Going green: Why it's good for business
Telegraph UK online-- Forcing lending targets down the throat of banks will kill Britain's recovery
Telegraph UK online-- Alan Greenspan is making UK weatherman Michael Fish look like a good forecaster
Telegraph UK online-- Britons to pay more for a loaf of bread as wheat prices jump
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Rio a bright light in mixed market
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Pilbara expansion at risk, says Twiggy Forrest
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Workplace laws an expensive legal headache for small and medium sized businesses
People's Daily-- Urbanization pumping out pollution
People's Daily-- Easing in China's manufacturing growth
China Daily-- Local officials may be playing fast and loose with GDP
China Daily-- PBOC stresses implementation of monetary policy
Times of India-- Take back CBM blocks if progress not satisfactory: Coal Minister
Times of India-- HBS embracing the new world order: Nohria

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