Friday, August 06, 2010

Political Hell hath no fury like a former Minister scorned...

  “I know that I’m not being 100 per cent complimentary, but I think you know I could say a heck of a lot more. If I were inclined to be that kind of person, I could be on the attack, I really could,”-- A warning shot across the bow of the good ship Harper, as former Cosnervative MP Helena Guergis suggests that she may have a lot more to say unless she is allowed back into the Tory fold. 

Revenge as they say is best served cold, but sometimes it appears that when things are still a little lukewarm  may be the best time to strike.

Helena Guergis was unceremoniously tossed out of the Conservative caucus in April during an investigation by the RCMP, and now that she's been cleared of any wrongdoing, the former minister is seeking an audience with the Prime Minister and a place back in the Conservative fold.

To get to that point, it seems that the former former Minister of State for the Status of Women is ready to play a little hardball with the Prime Minister, suggesting that she knows an awful lot of information and is ready to go on the attack in defence of her reputation and the handling of events by the Prime Minister and party officials.

The Globe and Mail outlines some of the key points of her warnings to the Conservatives, though a more educational version can be found as told to Peter C Newman of Maclean's magazine. Her thoughts to Newman offer up an interesting look at the nature of politics and the various  power plays that are in place in the capital these days.

Guergis and her husband Rahim Jaffer were both cast under suspicion at the time over the use of the minister's official Blackberry, an investigation which in July eventually cleared both of any wrongdoing.

Since then however, and despite the declarations of the RCMP that "All concerns relating to Ms Guergis have been resolved and no issues remain outstanding",  Guergis has remained in a form of Conservative purgatory, shunned it seems by the Conservatives who seemingly prefer not to dwell on the result of the investigation and apparently not inclined to discuss her return to the party circle.

For her part Guergis is adamant that she intends to run in the next election, preferably as a Conservative, but if required as an Independent.

 If she ends up having to choose the latter path to re-election, we imagine that her revelations may make things even more difficult for the Cosnervatives over their handling of the political mess.  Her bottom line as it appears in the final quote from the Maclean's article, offers up one more uncomfortable moment for the Prime Minister, who is clearly having a rather crummy summer it seems.

It's an interesting strategy she's apparently planning, if Guergis is accepted back into the Conservative fold she apparently will keep quiet, only ready to reveal her secrets if forced to run as an Independent.

One wonders what the voters back in Simcoe-Grey might think of a candidate who only will speak out if she doesn't get her way. While it may in her mind be a workable solution to her political problems with her boss, it certainly doesn't seem the mark of someone with the riding's interests at the top of her political agenda.

If she has items of interest for the Canadian public, it's probably time to share them, holding them as some kind of Ace up the sleeve in a game of poker with Mr. Harper, isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of our politicians and their dedication to the public good.

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