Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More bear sightings in the city

The weekend past featured more reports of a prowling black bear in the city, with residents of the Summit Area facing the golf course finding that their carports and garbage cans were of particular interest in the late night hours  with most likely one bear accounting for the majority of the nights sightings.

The reports of bear sightings have been an off and on thing over the bulk of the summer, the majority of them featuring those areas that border on wooded areas such as Summit and Comox to name a few.

In most cases it appears that the bear (or perhaps bears) are seeking out sources of food mostly from garbage cans and other sources close the houses they have been found investigating.

The BC Conservation department has a toll free number to phone (1-877-952-7277) to report such encounters and in the past the local RCMP detachment has received calls for assistance from residents who find that nature has gotten a little too close for comfort.

The Conservation department website offers up some information of Bear Human interaction what what steps can be taken to reduce those incidents.

Reporting Human Wildlife Conflicts
Bear Aware 
British Columbia's Bear Smart Community Program

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