Thursday, August 12, 2010

Streaking Perseid! What's that in the night skies?

Well we don't offer up any guarantees once again, but if Mother Nature might like to cooperate with the folks on the North Coast, it may be a pretty good night for star gazing.

The celestial show of the Perseid meteor shower reaches a rather hectic pace this evening, with the potential to see up to 100 visible meteors per hour tonight.

The premium shooting star viewing time is from night time tonight and through the early hours of Friday morning, with the early morning hours the best of the hours to lay back and enjoy the show.

The best viewing for the shower is away from city lights

Both Environment Canada and the Weather Network offer up  forecasts for this evening calling for clear skies, so it could be all systems go for would be meteorite shower viewers of the North coast.

Our last opportunity to view the work of Mother Nature, the solar fuelled display of the Northern Lights was a washout due to the lingering fog and cloud of the last few weeks, with a bit of luck and some helpful winds, perhaps tonight we'll get to sit back and enjoy the show.

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