Wednesday, August 04, 2010

House hunting with Regional District

Wanted to Rent or Buy, accommodation for local government body seeking quiet location for meetings and office use, prefer neighbourhood where neighbours are not inclined to ask too many questions, recycling options negotiable..

It seems that Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District is in the market for some new digs, that at least according to an advertisement placed in this weeks Prince Rupert Northern View, which outlines the requirements for the Districts request for Expression of Interest.

Among the requirements of Regional District officials and employees will be a reception area, five offices, two storage areas, a boardroom, kitchen and washrooms, all within 2500 square feet.

The quest for new accommodations indicates that with the recent growth in the District staffing, the need for a larger office venue is on their in house agenda.

Where they eventually end up may be of interest for Prince Rupert taxpayers, who pick up the tab for a fair amount of the RD expenses during the course of their delivery of regional government services and maybe might like a say in shaping their expectations.

Though it may be a bit tricky in finding out full information on their plans and requirements, given the controversial recent changes to Regional District procedures and penchant for in camera sessions, something  it seems that they have in common with Prince Rupert City council.

Should you have some 2500 square feet up on the market, you have until August 12 to contact the SQCRD office with your details.

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