Saturday, August 07, 2010

Podunk Below the Masthead Archives for August 2010

Our archive of the daily findings from Prince Rupert's various media sources, from the Northern View, CBC and CFTK News and other regional news outlets, we outline the main stories of the day for the month of August 2010.

August 13--The EDO prepares to take inventory of commercial space in the region, names for the Cullen twins and a look at the water situation on Haida Gwaii, some of our items of note for Friday's news review.(see post here

August 12-- Tulani Ackerman arrives in Victoria, a wlidfire starts south of Houston and a former resident of Haida Gwaii moves into the Federal cabinet, some of the items of note for Thursday's news files. (see post here

August 11--   Fairview continues to increase its numbers, the Food Bank finds more and more need its services and the Conservatives send their hopeful candidate off across the riding for introductions, some of the items of interest for Wednesday's news cycle. (see post here)

August 10-- The Mayor hints at progress over Watson Island, Joy Thorkelson continues her bid for disaster relief for local fishermen and plant workers and the Civil Liberties Association wants your input into policing when it comes to the city on August 18th, some of the items of interest for Tuesday. (see post here)

August 9-- An arrest in a string of credit card offences, the Jobless rate in the Northwest nears 12 per cent and Conservation Officers report a successful long weekend of enforcement in the Northwest, some of the items from Monday's news review(see post here)

August 6-- Baby boys for the Nathan and Diana Dahr Cullen, it's bike rodeo time in Prince Rupert and Highway 37 North may reopen this weekend, some of the items of note for Friday's news cycle. (see post here)

August 5-- A motorcycle/vehicle accident near the civic centre, modernization moves forward at Kitimat works and Udder fest is underway highlights the news cycle for Thursday. (see post here)

August 4-- Demolition on the horizon for the Epicurean, another look at the dire fishing situation for this summer and Haida Gwaii residents get access to their council, some of the items of note for Wednesday's news files. (see post here)

August 3-- A paving update from the city, Hotel owners want to shift their sewer burden and a regional highway remains closed due to a forest fire, some of the items of note from Tuesday. (see post here)

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