Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's the Economy Weekend Edition (August 14-15, 2010)

Setting the USA up for a fall, echoes of Madam Thatcher and  passing the buck on the unemployed some of the items from our weekend review of the economic section.

Globe and Mail-- Chastened Caisse seeks new balance
Globe and Mail-- Is reliance on foreign cash setting U.S. up for a fall?
National Post-- Mohawk land claim
National Post-- RESP hoops no easy leap
Vancouver Sun-- Steve Nash: A favourite Sun with a lot on the ball
New York Times-- Hey, Archie! Want to Build an Empire?
New York Times-- Double Dip? A Tipping Point May Be Near
New York Times-- Apple Employee Accused of Accepting Kickbacks
USA Today-- Fannie Mae says second credit report not required
USA Today-- Thoughts of real estate double dip deter investors
Guardian UK online-- David Cameron's cost-cutting echoes that of Thatcher's first government – and it will be just as damaging
Guardian UK online-- BP yet to update emergency plan three months after Deepwater Horizon spill
Guardian UK online-- US unemployment: Don't let the elite pass the buck
The Independent-- Supply, demand and a bit of speculation create inflation
The Independent-- HP board acquitted itself well in scandal
Telegraph UK online-- Netflix lets its staff take as much holiday as they want, whenever they want – and it works
Telegraph UK online-- The Bank must reassure Britain it has not lost its grip on policy
Telegraph UK online-- Adobe chief Shantanu Narayen: 'We don't need Apple or the iPad'
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Australia's most widely held stock in the pits
Melbourne Herald Sun-- CBA a pillar of profit
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- ATO 'worse than the Sopranos', says Paul Hogan's manager
People's Daily-- Inter-city rail projects cleared
People's Daily-- ASEAN benefits from China's fast and "inclusive" economic growth: experts
China Daily-- China still a focus for foreign direct investment
China Daily-- Nanning corridor to boost trade
Times of India-- FM says interest rates won't rise, banks disagree
Times of India-- Double digit food inflation matter of concern: Pranab

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