Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For his eyes only...

Few would confuse Bill Vander Zalm with James Bond, but as far as Elections BC are concerned, the results of the anti HST campaign are for his eyes only, however what he does with those results are up to him.

The former Premier and public face of the anti HST campaign of the last few months will receive the results of his groups efforts sometime today, while finding the procedure a tad strange, what with no public announcement from the elections overseer,  he has promised to outline those findings once he receives the call from Elections BC officials.

The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer provides a rather fascinating review of the process of protest as he looks at the behind the scenes efforts of the campaign from its early beginnings on Christmas Eve of 2009, through to the very public province wide registration process that provided notice to the Campbell government that their HST plans weren't going to be universally accepted by British Columbians.

Once the numbers are in and Elections BC has ruled the government will then have to decide if there should be a Legislature vote on rescinding the HST, a move many suspect would be defeated by the Liberals in the Legislature.

From there, who knows what the future might hold for the debate over the HST, but one suspects that for the foreseeable future the former Premier will continue to be the point man for those that wish to see the tax over turned and withdrawn.

While we wait along with the Zalm for the phone call from Elections BC, here are a few other reviews of the events that led up to today's anticipated announcement.

CTV BC-- Elections BC set to rule on anti-HST campaign
Globe and Mail-- Findings on anti-HST petition for Vander Zalm’s eyes only
CBC News-- B.C. anti-HST petition verification expected
CKWX News 1130-- Big day in the anti-HST fight


Simon said...

' he tacos the behind the scenes efforts of the campaign...'

I'm sure he's going to taco the situation quite thoroughly. And not until all the fried tortilla is stuffed and folded will he stop. :)

. said...

LOL, dang goofy interpretive text thingie, shall fix accordingly many thanks for the proof reading.

Then again perhaps the Zalm is planning on hosting a taco night to get the next phase of the Anti HST process moving along !:)