Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tis the season... Cow Bay bridge closed for repairs and paving

East - West travel in the city has one less option this week as City crews began work on the Cow Bay bridge, with the bridge closed to traffic as of this morning.

The announcement of the road closures seems to have been tasked to the city's work crews, which placed signs on approaches to Cow Bay prior to the weekend, but left them covered until this morning.

A search of the city's website doesn't provide mention of the road closure, nor the anticipated length of time of the project to resurface the bridge.

As well, the closure did not appear in the Northern Connector on Friday and if there was a notice in Wednesday's Northern View, it escaped our gaze, not to mention there doesn't appear to be any mention of it on the actual website for the weekly paper.

Still if nothing else, posting such information on the city's website would be of great value to the city's residents, providing them with an update on the progress of the project as well as notice of the changing requirements of the cross town commute.

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