Saturday, August 07, 2010

Podunkian Music Festival

We're always looking to add items to the blog so with the Mariner's Music Festival still fresh in our memories, we offer up a cache of local musical talent for your entertainment.

From our Podunkian portal, we offer up our ongoing archive of local performances,  both video and static display that have made their way onto the wires and processors of your connection to the Internet via the world of You Tube and beyond

Below find video presentations and website locations offering up developments in Prince Rupert's always thriving musical scene. Clearly not the full sample of what's available out there from local stages, it will at least give us a starting point.

We'll be adding items on an ongoing basis and here's where our loyal readers can help out quite a bit, should you have a suggestion or a link for the Music Festival simply email us at and we'll add it to the list of performances.

The permanent link to the feature can be found on the right had bar, in our Podunkian Features of the blog section.

On the Podunkian Music Festival stage

Sall Gibson-- from the Torch relay show 
Sall Gibson-- from the CD release party in January 2008
Tom and Kate-- Lucky to be here
Men Who Listen-- Prince Rumour

Local artists with websites

Tom and Kate
Sall Gibson
Frances Riley
Karin Ljungh
Men Who Listen
Garden Records


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Men Who Listen Website:

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Thanks for the tip, keep the suggestions coming Podunkians!