Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Eyes on the Northern skies for a celestial show tonight

 Providing Mother Nature keeps the fog and cloud at bay tonight,  we just might see a pretty impressive display of the Northern Lights tonight.

A spectacular explosion of plasma from the Sun on Sunday is expected to add some colourful hues to the late night skies over Canada and the Northern US states this evening.

The explosion from the Sun is apparently the opening salvo of an anticipated 11 year cycle of solar activity, which may or may not cause a few interesting tweaks to earthbound communication and entertainment as solar activity has in the past disrupted satellite signals around the world.

Harvard University issued a statement explaining what's to come from the Sun over the next little while and what those of us who hold some turf on this third planet can expect to see from it.

For now though it's the big show in the sky, with the full force of the Sun's expulsions to reach the earth in the overnight period.

As for Mother Nature, apparently She has other plans for the sky watchers of Rupert, the latest forecast from Environment Canada calls for increasing cloudiness overnight, with fog forming around midnight, which may provide for some interesting imagery if it closes in and moves out over the midnight hours.

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