Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's the economy (Tuesday, August 10, 2010)

The debt buyers, a bankers near shame and the rising price of wheat, some of the items of interest for Tuesday's financial news.

Globe and Mail-- Fed to buy government debt
Globe and Mail-- Global housing rebound loses steam
Globe and Mail-- Sponsorships at risk if Tiger doesn't improve play
National Post-- Fed to pump more money into economy
National Post-- Canada sees ‘dramatic’ housing slowdown, global report says
National Post-- Venezuela kicks off world's highest yielding bond offering
Vancouver Sun-- Metro Vancouver July housing starts slow down as real estate market cools off
Vancouver Sun- Drug lords, foreigners or fat-cat seniors: Who really drives B.C. house prices?
New York Times-- Fed, Citing Slowdown, to Buy U.S. Debt
New York Times-- China’s Trade Surplus Climbs to $28.7 Billion
New York Times-- For Those With Jobs, a Recession With Some Benefits
USA Today-- Boomers wanting to work past retirement age find limited options
USA Today-- Worker productivity falls, could lead to more hiring
Guardian UK online-- Federal Reserve resorts to 'QE lite' in face of slowing US recovery
Guardian UK online-- Northern Rock chief almost ashamed of what the banking industry had done
Guardian UK online-- HSBC faces union fight over bank managers' contracts
The Independent-- An inquiry into a problem the banks say does not exist
The Independent-- Commodity crisis sparks fear of food inflation on high street
Telegraph UK online-- Government's 'Marxist' solution to pension inflation is no joke
Telegraph UK online-- Bank of England's poor forecasts have rained down on the City for too long
Telegraph UK online-- US Federal Reserve starts 'QE-lite' to placate markets
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Wheat price tipped to top $330 a tonne
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Bradken rides expansion wave
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- No business bank growth until 2011 in 'volatile economy' - NAB
People's Daily-- Closure program to help nation meet energy targets
People's Daily-- China diversifying foreign reserve holdings
China Daily-- Sky-high prices push foreigners to suburbs
China Daily--News Corp sells stake in China TV channel
Times of India-- Distressed with chop shop remark: Infosys
Times of India-- Best ever: Car sales zoom 38%

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