Friday, May 14, 2010

Waiting for the short list for Economic Development

The deadline for applications for Prince Rupert's next  Economic Development Officer has come and gone and no puffs of white smoke have yet to be seen from City Hall.

The requirement for a new EDO came about after Nellie Cheng brought an end to her short time at the helm of Economic Development with her resignation of last month, with her decision to leave the city once again will have to refocus its energies as to what they wish to see in the way of an EDO and what that department is expected to deliver in the way of development for the region's struggling economy.

Since the deadline passed, there has been little said about the process or hints as to potential successors to the position, no announcement as to how many candidates may have applied or even if a short list has been compiled for consideration.

With that silence to dwell upon, we can't help but offer up the name of one free agent at the moment who perhaps might be interested in the job.

To that, we wonder if perhaps former Mayor Herb Pond may not find himself in the mix for the job. Mr. Pond recently parted ways with Lax Kw'alaams and his employment there, however as the old adage goes, when one window closes another opens up, the timing of that departure coincided with the availability of this position at EDO.

Considering his rather enthusiastic spirit as a civic booster while on council and as Mayor, one perhaps would imagine that this might be a position of interest to the former Mayor, who would come to position with ready made contacts and knowledge of the job at hand and to be done.

While he perhaps would be short of a few of the desired qualifications as per the city's job fact sheet, we suspect that past experience in the setting of municipal governance may help overcome any of those shortcomings from the qualifications list.

It will be with interest that Podunkians await the next name on the door at EDO, and whether it's yet a new face to the city or one that has a rather familiar ring to it, one with a fair bit of political resonance around town.

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