Sunday, May 02, 2010

It's the economy (Weekend Edition, May 1 and 2, 2010)

Germany holds back it's approval on Greece, a friend for Goldman Sachs and BP reported as unprepared for disaster, some of the economic items of the weekend.

Globe and Mail-- Obama vows to do everything 'humanly possible' on spill
Globe and Mail-- Greece seals massive rescue deal, outlines deep cuts and tax hikes
Globe and Mail-- Jazz, Bombardier deal could hit $937-million
National Post-- Germany holds off on backing Greece deal
National Post-- Week Ahead: Focus on job markets
National Post-- Islands join Greek party
Vancouver Sun-- A post-Olympic dawn, with a bit of a hangover
New York Times-- Greece Gets Help, but Is It Enough?
New York Times-- Buffett Offers Support of Goldman at Meeting
New York Times-- Narcos, No’s and Nafta
USA Today-- Continental and United to combine
USA Today-- Document: BP didn't plan for a major oil spill
Guardian UK online-- Greece wins widespread support for boldness of reform plans
Guardian UK online-- BP and Shell 'not meeting safety standards on North Sea oil rigs'
Guardian UK online-- UK faces run on pound within hours of polling as futures exchange opens early
Times online UK-- Staring at 'collapse or salvation,' Greece agrees new austerity plan
Times online UK-- Darling’s error leaves us all fearing the hangover
Telegraph UK online-- Monetary union has delivered a 'German Europe' after all
Telegraph UK online-- Greek crisis exposes default lines running through the eurozone
Telegraph UK online-- Would coalition rule leave the UK heading for quick-fix gas?
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Resource Super Profits Tax 'to share mining wealth'
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Taxpayers forced to fund dodgy building claims
People's Daily-- Harsh property measures to benefit Chinese economy in long-term
People's Daily-- Job vacancies rise in China's 100 cities in Q1
China Daily-- Beijing auto show set for record attendance
China Daily-- India bans Chinese telecom equipment
Times of India-- Car sales maintain momentum in April
Times of India-- REC chief to be power secretary

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