Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's the economy (Tuesday, May 18, 2010)

Greece the tip of the iceberg in Europe, Alberta looms large on the US energy radar and Pfizer's products may come in handy for the soon to be former employees, some of the items of interest on Tuesday's financial scene.

Globe and Mail-- Alberta looks to join in building of new oil sands upgrader
Globe and Mail-- For gutted forestry sector, green is the colour of hope
Globe and Mail-- Jazz Air flying in murky disclosure clouds
National Post-- Markets flash crash remains mystery
National Post-- Commodities chilled by global fallout
National Post-- Greek crisis is ‘tip of iceberg’ in Euro Region, Roubini says
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. regulators give failing grade to proposed $2.9b Whistler-like resort
Vancouver Sun-- Squamish plan massive development for ancestral land under Burrard Bridge
New York Times-- Reliance on Oil Sands Grows Despite Risks
New York Times-- Asian Stocks Drop on Renewed Worries About Europe
New York Times-- E.U. Sends First Installment to Greece
USA Today-- SEC proposes new circuit-breaker rule to calm markets
USA Today-- Seafood testing from Gulf oil disaster could last years
Guardian UK online-- Shell seeks to drill in Arctic seas this summer
Guardian UK online-- Pfizer cuts hundreds of jobs in Britain and Ireland
Guardian UK online-- Greece gets first bailout cash
Times on line UK-- ECB emergency operation to shore up euro
Times on line UK-- The Chancellor will have less freedom to ‘fiddle figures'
Telegraph UK online-- Market chaos warning after German ban on shorting
Telegraph UK online-- Gulf of Mexico oil spill won't stop Shell drilling in Alaska
Telegraph UK online-- Does the inflation target actually mean anything any more?
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Bradken takes Canadian mine supplier
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Metal markets fear China slowdown and Euro malaise
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Double act for bosses on attracting staff and limiting pay raises
People's Daily-- Local govt. debt crisis unlikely: official
People's Daily-- Shipbuilding shifts to China
China Daily-- China issues rules to prevent officials meddling in real estate
China Daily-- Sinopec wary of high cost of Saudi refinery investment
Times of India-- Indian equities second best in returns after Indonesia: ADB
Times of India-- SAIL, Tata in talks to set up steel unit

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