Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's the economy (Weekend Edition, Saturday and Sunday May 22 and 23, 2010)

Attempting to debunk Dr. Doom,  wondering why BP is still in charge and jitters as Spain bails out one of its banks, some of the weekend offerings from the financial world.

Globe and Mail-- U.S. turns up heat on BP over spill
Globe and Mail-- Loblaw seeks union work rule changes
Globe and Mail-- Greek-style medicine may be worse than the disease
National Post-- Slow week ahead for economy might be welcome breather
National Post-- Debacle of Omaha
National Post-- Dr. Doom and his perpetual crisis
Vancouver Sun-- Cloudy skies for B.C. farming
New York Times-- Idea Man of LimeWire at a Crossroads
New York Times-- The Real World Cup Prize? Broadcast Rights
New York Times-- The Old Enemies
USA Today-- Greece has defaulted before, and so have many others
USA Today-- A month after Gulf oil spill, why is BP still in charge?
Guardian UK online-- Europe markets set for more turmoil as rifts widen in eurozone
Guardian UK online-- After the flood: European cities on the edge of a debt crisis
Guardian UK online-- Pay rises stay below inflation as flexible labour force helps climb to recovery
Times online UK-- Markets should not tremble at political rhetoric
Times online UK-- Merkel’s stab in the dark
Telegraph UK online-- Europe's deflation torture is a gift to the Far Left
Telegraph UK online-- When the ECB should be about leadership, all Europe has is chaos
Telegraph UK online-- European bank jitters as Spain steps in to save Cajasur
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Small miners rocked by 'confusing' levy
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Sydney slips from top back to centre as city slides down conference destination rankings People's Daily-- Chinese business assets grow to $3.9 trillion
People's Daily-- HK ranks 2nd most competitive economy
China Daily-- China says too early to exit fiscal stimulus
China Daily-- Lack of rain results in poverty for many
Times of India-- European crisis may spark talent migration to Asia
Times of India-- 'Plan panel just juggles figures, we build roads'

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