Monday, May 03, 2010

It's the economy (Monday, May 3, 2010)

The Friendly skies of merger, Spain to follow Greece down the same road and denial in the oil slicked waters, some of the items of interest for the Monday financials.

Globe and Mail-- Analysts criticize Shaw, CanWest deal
Globe and Mail-- Continental, United form airline behemoth
Globe and Mail-- BP says it will pay for Gulf spill's cleanup
National Post-- BP reels as oil spill advances
National Post-- FP Tech Desk: Apple sells one million iPads in 28 days
National Post-- Franco-German engine splutters over Greece
New York Times-- Spain Risks Falling Into Same Trap as Greece
New York Times-- In United-Continental Deal, Birth of a Behemoth
New York Times-- Drilling, Disaster, Denial
USA Today-- Wal-Mart to pay $27.6M in California dumping case
USA Today-- Merkel's Cabinet approves $29.6B in German aid for Greece
Guardian UK online-- Hedge funds put their money on Tories to defend their interests in Europe
Guardian UK online-- Cliches won't fix the financial crisis
Times on line UK-- Sorting out immigration
Times on line UK-- Betting on the election
Telegraph UK online-- BP goes on the offensive as shares slump
Telegraph UK online-- House prices to rise 5pc this year, predicts cebr
Melbourne Herald Sun-- House price implosion claims ridiculous, says local economist
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Bounty for Saudi mine services
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Mining shares tank on 40pc profit tax
China Daily-- China acts to cool credit expansion
China Daily-- Yuan issue is China's internal matter: ADB chief
Times of India-- Warren Buffett set to visit India in March
Times of India-- New telcos face rough ride

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