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Podunk Below the masthead (Thursday, May 6, 2010)

The airport ferry dominates council debate, recycling hour concerns continue to dog regional district and the high risk intersections in Prince Rupert, some of the items of interest from Thursday's news files.

Daily News, front page, headline story
ADDITIONAL FEES FOR THE AIRPORT FERRY LIKELY TO SINK OR SWIM -- The airport ferry and its associated costs dominated much of Monday's council session as the city's elected officials put the finishing touches on a number of fee increases as part of the financial five year plan deliberations.

The Terrace campus of Northwest Community College holds a grand opening this weekend as the college celebrates the opening of its new long house which will serve as a community house in Terrace.

The restoration projects at North Pacific continue  and Saturday saw locals provided the opportunity to come out to the Port Edward historical site and see just how much progress has been made and what the plans for the future may be.

Regional District continues to try and sort out its cost recovery issues for the Industrial park recycling centre and while no firm decisions have been made as of yet, the possibility of a weekend closure of the site is still under consideration a potential move that has provided for a fair amount of negative feedback from the community.

(Daily News Archive for Thursday, May 6, 2010)

A look at the progress of the high school golf season is featured in the Thursday edition of the Daily News.

The Northern View
RCMP targeting high risk and aggressive drivers -- With a fancy map highlighting the key accident intersections in the city and details of our dangerous ways the Northern View provides the latest information on the local RCMP's efforts in traffic enforcement (see article here)

CFTK TV 7 News
Outdoor guide paddling to raise awareness about Enbridge -- The proposed Enbridge gateway project continues to stir debate in the northwest and an outdoor guide is about to set out on a journey to raise awareness against the potential troubles the project could bring to the Northwest (see article here)

CBC New British Columbia, Daybreak North
No new items were posted to the Daybreak website on Thursday

Daybreak North is only posting selected items on their website now. The most recently posted items can be found on the archive page for Daybreak North click here

The Daily News Front page, headline story
Additional Fees for Airport Ferry likely to sink or swim

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