Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's the economy (Wednesday, May 12, 2010)

Canada's natural gas reserves good for a century, Investors seek all that glitters and volumes increase at the Port of Prince Rupert, some of the items of interest from the financial pages of Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Newfoundland bid to use Quebec hydro lines turned down
Globe and Mail-- Canada awash in natural gas, report finds
Globe and Mail-- Gold leaps to new record high
National Post-- Edgy investors can't get enough of gold
National Post-- Canada's natural gas resource jumps dramatically in estimates
National Post-- Potash Corp. upgraded to Buy
Vancouver Sun-- Volumes nearly double at Prince Rupert port
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. mining poised for 'economic renaissance'
New York Times-- Gold Jumps as Wall Street Steadily Rises
New York Times-- Taiwan Weighs Trade Deal With Mainland
New York Times-- Greece’s Newest Odyssey
USA Today-- As summer nears, expect gasoline prices to go ... down?
USA Today-- Spain outlines plan to cut deficit
Guardian UK online-- New government promises crackdown on banks as Vince Cable is named as business secretary
Guardian UK online-- Germans face bitter round of budget cuts as the price of eurozone bailout
Guardian UK online-- Unemployment up to highest level in 15 years
Times on line UK-- UK unemployment hits highest since 1994
Times on line UK-- Toxic mortgage fears hit Morgan Stanley
Telegraph UK online-- What the coalition agreement means for the economy
Telegraph UK online-- Bank of England Governor: the lesson from Greece is that the deficit is the 'No. 1' issue
Telegraph UK online-- Free at last, Bank's King speaks his mind
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Huge cash kick from resources
Melbourne Herald Sun-- $1bn kick to keep boom on track
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Hong Kong can't afford a minimum wage - business
People's Daily-- Policymakers may opt for balanced approach to combat price rises
People's Daily-- China has entered accelerated urbanization period
China Daily-- US unlikely to grant China market economy status soon
China Daily-- China should raise rates - central bank adviser
Times of India-- India Inc steps up hiring activity, job index rises 7% in April
Times of India-- Industry grows by 13.5% in March, 10.4% in FY'10

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