Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's the economy (Thursday, May 20, 2010)

World markets tumble, the whisper the D word in England and Australia keeps its eye on Canada's success, some of the items of interest for Thursday.

Globe and Mail-- Euro-zone turmoil roils markets
Globe and Mail-- Loonie continues its sharp decline
Globe and Mail-- Canada toughens offshore drill rules
National Post-- U.S. equities enter correction territory
National Post-- Europe crisis threatens economy, banks, says U.S. Federal Reserve
National Post-- China says U.S. must control deficit as economy recovers
New York Times-- Stocks Slide on Fears Over Europe and Regulation
New York Times-- Dubai World Reaches Deal With Banks to Restructure Debt
New York Times-- Irish Miracle — or Mirage?
USA Today-- Stocks sell off; S&P 500 in correction territory
USA Today-- Federal Reserve official: Europe's crisis poses risks to U.S.
Guardian UK online-- Recession-hit Irish will pay second highest bill for Greek bailout
Guardian UK online-- National Grid's green revamp will add £4 to energy bills
Guardian UK online-- Royal Mail profits jump 26%
Times on line UK-- Merkel leads calls for global financial tax as markets continue to slide
Times on line UK-- Will the Euro Survive?
Times online UK-- The Thatcherite road is all Europe has left
Telegraph UK online-- 'Perfect storm' as market tremors hit China, Europe and the US
Telegraph UK online-- City fears of 'Great Depression Mark II'
Telegraph UK online-- Shooting the messenger won't save the euro
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Canada takes gold ... from us
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Tax won't dig an early grave for BHP
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Average weekly wage rises to $1242
People's Daily-- SED set to sidestep yuan strength
People's Daily-- Experts: Foreign demand not driving China's economic recovery
China Daily-- China home transactions falling in some cities
China Daily-- CNPC set to buy 35% stake in Shell's Syria unit
Times of India-- AI union threatens strike
Times of India-- VW, Maruti eye joint development

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