Friday, May 21, 2010

It's the economy (Friday, May 21, 2010)

Putting the brakes on offshore thoughts in BC, America's lost decade could be on the horizon and  Britain no longer has the worst deficit in Europe, some of the items of interest for Friday.

Globe and Mail--Europe's crisis stirs recession fear
Globe and Mail-- New Husky CEO tasked with turnaround
Globe and Mail-- Campaigns to organize Toyota Canada's workers escalates
National Post-- BoC expected to press ahead with rate hikes
National Post-- Horror Borealis
National Post-- Technicals gloomy but corrections not unusual in recovery
Vancouver Sun-- Cloudy skies for B.C. farming
Vancouver Sun-- Offshore oil development ban to stay in place: Ottawa
New York Times-- Lawmakers in Germany Back Rescue for Europe
New York Times-- Reconciliation for 2 Financial Overhaul Bills
New York Times-- Lost Decade Looming?
USA Today-- EU nations back tougher sanctions to combat debt
USA Today-- NYC judge blasts Wall Street greed at sentencing
Guardian UK online-- Barack Obama celebrates biggest banking shake-up since the Great Depression
Guardian UK online-- Day of market turmoil as investors panic over eurozone crisis
Guardian UK online-- British Airways boss warns union after record £531m loss
Times online UK-- Debt at record level despite leap in tax receipts
Times online UK-- Toyota to build electric cars with Tesla
Telegraph UK online-- The George Osborne effect: sterling plummets
Telegraph UK online-- Britain no longer has the worst deficit in Europe
Telegraph UK online-- David Cameron and Angela Merkel to clash over EU treaty call
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Superannuation in tax salvo
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Australian dollar continues falling as investors flee currency market
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Wall St tumble rattles Australian share market
People's Daily-- Int'l oil price drop could ease domestic inflation
People's Daily-- U.S. commerce secretary promotes clean-energy deals with China
China Daily-- PetroChina lines up $60b to boost overseas oil, gas output
China Daily-- Euro set to fall even further on debt crisis
Times of India-- Nano absolutely safe: Tata Motors
Times of India-- Mukesh Ambani meets PM, FM

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