Thursday, May 20, 2010

This just in from the far east sales territories

Canada's western Premiers and Treasury Board President Stockwell Day continue their tour of Asia, having brought their travelling salesman tour and message of trade to China for the last few days, they have now moved on to Japan and the quest for more investment.

The checklist highlights to ongoing items of hopeful speculation, investment in the tar sands and other energy projects for Alberta's Ed Stelmach, a rebirth of the BC forest sector and tourism for Premier Gordon Campbell and perhaps just the knowledge that Saskatchewan is there for the Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall, though some investment in their still untapped energy and export markets might be helpful too.

When they weren't trying to lure investment yuan and yen to Canadian shores, the quest for panda's apparently was high on the agenda, with a list of Canadian zoo's hoping that Mr. Day can deliver the bears, a commodity that is closely guarded by Chinese officials.

In among the talk of bears, gas, oil and tourists however was a reminder that Canada and the Western provinces offer a transportation gateway into North America. All three Premiers merged their efforts when it came to drumming up further interest in Canada's two west coast ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert. Reminding their Chinese hosts that the Canadian trade routes offer a two day reduction in travel from other North American ports.

Day hailed the new coalition of Premiers as a great leap forward, which probably sounded rather familiar to the Chinese hosts, though perhaps in a different context. The curtain closes on the road version of a Canadian Glengarry Glen Ross on Saturday, when the four touring cast members and their entourage return to Canada.

Dispatches on the travellers road success have made it back to the home office, some of which can be found below.

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