Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It's the economy (Tuesday, May 4, 2010)

Worries increase over Spain, 99 in review for financials and Storming the Acropolis some of the highlights for Tuesday's financial review.

Globe and Mail-- Markets worry about Spain amid government reluctance
Globe and Mail-- Markets slide on Greek debt woes
Globe and Mail-- Owner of Gulf rig had safety concerns
National Post-- It's looking a lot like 1999 for the U.S. and Europe
National Post-- Old questions dog Shaw's new media play
National Post-- Why BP should pay spill's full cost
Vancouver Sun-- Fraser Valley real estate gets near-record bump
Vancouver Sun-- Enbridge's B.C.-Alberta oil pipeline faces uphill battle
New York Times-- Wishing Greece Had Never Joined the Euro
New York Times-- Cash-Hungry States Put Buildings on the Block
New York Times-- What We’re Reading: Bankruptcy Surge
USA Today-- Stocks are slammed by worries about European debt crisis
USA Today-- Gulf oil slick threatens $100 billion tourism industry
Guardian UK online-- Greek protesters storm the Acropolis
Guardian UK online-- BHP and Rio Tinto hit by Australian supertax
Guardian UK online-- Poll jitters will mean a sleepless night for Britain's bond traders
Times online UK-- Greeks begin two-day strike as banking system is saved from meltdown
Times online UK-- Global stocks plunge despite Greek deal
Telegraph UK online-- Euro plunges as Club Med debt fears spread
Telegraph UK online-- Oil boss needs to do more to salvage company's reputation
Telegraph UK online-- Gulf of Mexico oil spill: Dissent grows on US oil drilling as BP slick spreads
Melbourne Herald Sun-- What the RBA Governor says
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Expect pickaxes at dawn: analysts
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Website Unvarnished lets you rate coworkers
People's Daily-- Expert: Property tax necessary in China
People's Daily-- Smart grid moves gather momentum
China Daily-- China stocks fall to seven month low Tuesday
China Daily-- Fears mount over inflation pressure
Times of India-- Seek nod to invest abroad: RBI to NBFC's
Times of India-- Glenmark arm inks deal with Aventis

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