Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It's the economy (Wednesday, May 5, 2010)

Profits drop at Telus but optimism remains, UK set to surpass Greece as worst and fearful Europe waits, some of the items of interest for our Wednesday look over.

Globe and Mail-- Three die in fire set by Greek protesters
Globe and Mail-- Portugal warned of possible downgrade
Globe and Mail-- Harper pushes back on call to support bank tax
National Post-- Greek crisis continues to batter markets
National Post-- BMO hit by $140-million mortgage scam: report
National Post-- House prices to cool in 2011, says TD
Vancovuer Sun-- Telus profits drop 17%, boosts dividend
New York Times-- BP Says One Oil Leak of Three Is Shut Off
New York Times-- Wall St. Stumbles as Europe’s Debt Worries Linger
New York Times-- Newsweek on Block as Era of the Newsweekly Fades
USA Today-- Portugal raises cash, but at higher cost
USA Today-- Apple stock: It looks good, but is there a worm inside?
Guardian UK online-- UK budget deficit 'to surpass Greece's as worst in EU'
Guardian UK online-- Reform the euro or bin it
Guardian UK online-- The last Brown and Cameron battle could be yet to come
Times on line UK-- Britain must cut deficit quickly, Europe warns
Times on line UK-- Overblown BP sell-off may damage industry
Telegraph UK online-- IMF cannot afford to bail out the rest of Southern Europe
Telegraph UK online-- Euro tumbles, stock falls as European debt fears grip investors
Telegraph UK online-- Weak pound boosts exports and foreign investment
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Avatar helps boost News Corp profit
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Strike fallout hits Gold One
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Miners' super tax: Rudd says industry will be stronger
People's Daily-- China moves to appropriate money supply
People's Daily-- Global economy not yet out of the woods, say experts
China Daily-- Collection of royalties may end free movies
China Daily-- Surging food prices to drive CPI in April
Times of India-- Rates may not go up till September
Times of India-- Indian infotech firms bagging big global deals

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