Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's the economy (Tuesday, May 25, 2010)

20 percent of the homes in Canada are overvalued, the stock markets bounce back after early plummet and More older Americans are choosing to start their own business, some of the financial items of Monday.

Globe and Mail-- EU to outline bank levy
Globe and Mail-- Nearly 20% of homes overvalued: report
Globe and Mail-- What's an NHL franchise worth?
National Post-- Germany a leader once again
National Post-- TSX rebounds after early plunge
National Post-- Loonie dives as global markets continue to slump
New York Times-- Europe Feels Investor Heat Despite Drive to Cut Deficits
New York Times-- Regulators Push for Global Rule on Bank Capital
New York Times-- Wall Street Slips and Then Recovers
USA Today-- Stocks trim some losses; Dow back around 10,000
USA Today-- More older Americans start own businesses
Guardian UK online-- Queen's speech 2010: Coalition announces school, welfare and budget reforms
Guardian UK online-- Italy to slash deficit to avoid Greece's fate
Guardian UK online-- Manufacturing drives stronger growth in UK economy
Times online UK-- Cuts and the Coalition
Times online UK-- That was easy. The real cuts will spell trouble
Telegraph UK online-- David Cameron attacks Labour after Queen's Speech
Telegraph UK online-- As stock markets plunge anew, sovereign debt threatens secondary banking crisis
Telegraph UK online-- MPC's Adam Posen warns Britain at risk of Japan-style deflation
Melbourne Herald Sun-- Resources super profit tax socialist style, says Olympic champ
Melbourne Herald Sun-- When Australians turst of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd turns to dust
Sydney Daily Telegraph-- Chinese will love new mining tax: Forrest
People's Daily-- Chinese monetary policy driven more by domestic factors: official
People's Daily-- China more dependent on foreign oil than ever
China Daily-- China has curbed hot money inflows
China Daily-- SAFE: 'Hot money' flows into property sector
Times of India-- Euro crisis a boon for Indian travellers
Times of India-- Decision on fuel price hike on June 7: Deora

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