Saturday, January 03, 2009

Get ready for the slow melt...

The days of sledding, fort building and skating on local ponds is almost at an end, a Pacific frontal system is making it's course for the North coast overnight, bringing with it warmer temperatures, a wind warning and much in the way of liquid fallout.

No doubt making for a welcome weather change for the city works crews who have been trying to keep up with the numerous punches that Mother Nature has throw at them over this holiday season.

Sunday's high is said to be near six, the total rainfall expected somewhere around 40 to 50 mm, much of the same is set for next week, with daytime highs above zero with rain, while the nighttime may bring a bit more snow, though the days of massive accumulations seem numbered.

Wind warning for the North coast

Forecast for the North Coast

And to get you in the mood for the onset of our more traditional weather patterns, we offer up some musical interludes as you wonder to yourself exactly where is that storm drain in front of the house anyways...

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