Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh pick me, pick me!!

I hesitate to share this job lead with my fellow Podunkians, but considering the nasty weather we've had to deal with over the last two weeks or so, I feel it is my duty and only fair to provide a glimmer of hope.

Tired of your current employment, your boss such a pain that you can't wait to relocate, then get your favourite word processing program warmed up, dig out that video camera you haven't used since Christmas morning and put together your application for what must surely be the dream job of a lifetime. Tourism Queensland's Best Job in the World.

Six months as a caretaker and video blog contributor on an Australian barrier reef island in the South Pacific, for your six months of snorkeling, walking on the sands, lazing on them if you wish and gazing out at the vista of yet another sunset you will pull in some 100,000 dollars Australian.

Not bad work if you can get it!

But alas, that is the catch, you have to get hired and so far there are 200,000 folks ahead of you to check out the job lead, 200 of whom so far have already forwarded the required video blog for the job application. Eleven short listed candidates will be flown to Australia for job interviews.

The deadline for your submission is February 22nd, if chosen you report for work on July 1, making for an enjoyable if unpatriotic way for you to celebrate Canada Day.

You'll forgive me now, I need to get to work on the application process, though with a rather unfortunate shade of skin that makes the Sun a potentially dangerous enemy at times I must temper my enthusiasm with the knowledge that six months of sun may not be in my best interest.

Then again, it's only a six month gig nothing that a few cases of sunblock can't take care of, the other six spent back here in Rupert where I suspect there will be more than a few rainy days to re-acclimatize the currently under tanned skin...

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