Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mr. Veniez is ready to take your calls (well if Mr. Good is so inclined)

Daniel Ven-yezz (as he was described today) but better known to the North Coast as Dan Veniez, will be on CKNW Radio’s, the Bill Good Show tomorrow (Wednesday) morning during the 11 to 1130 hour segment.

Apparently Mr. Veniez is eager to discuss with Mr. Good, the state of British Columbia’s forestry industry and share his thoughts on what needs to be done to get things back on track in the woodlands, the heartland and the provinces saw and pulp mills…

It should be an interesting review for Mr. Veniez, who, when he’s not handling the fate of the Ridley Terminals organization has of late has become a frequent contributor to the letters to the editor pages of the Vancouver newspapers. Of course, his main impact on the North coast once upon a time was that of the leading man of the Tales of New Skeena when he became a rather famous/infamous player on the local scene of a number of years ago.

Never one who is shy from the media, Mr. Veniez would frequently appear during those days of the past when he once was a frequent guest on CHTK’s long since departed talk show days, offering up his thoughts on the state and fate of Skeena Forest Products, which as we all know has long since been transferred to the absentee land barons of Beijing.

Apparently getting the broadcasting bug once again, he takes his talking points to the provinces most listened to talk show hosted by the iconic Good.

It should all make for a fascinating bit of talk radio for those that have some time to tune in, and hey, if Bill Good is inclined in taking questions tomorrow, take some time to make a call and offer up some opinions from the long since forgotten empire of the Northwest…

For those who have radios that don't pull in those Vancouver stations, here's the live streaming link, click on the listen live icon at the top for the streaming audio.
If you miss the show you can check for it in the CKNW audio vault later in the day.
Update: Mr. Veniez appeared during the 11 am to 11:30am hour segment of the Wednesday program.

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